WhiBo brings better transparency, reproducibility, adaptation

The RapidMiner plugin for White-box algorithm design and experimentation.

It is friendly, extendable and free.
Try it for yourself.
Currently available for Decision trees (soon also for Representative based clustering)

Choose algorithm parts

Each algorithm can be thought of as a composition of subproblems that needs to be solved. The WhiBo framework allows users to pick among many components that solve each subproblem. This enables users to customize the algoritms for the task at hand. Additionally, each component can be fine-tuned by its parameters. And all this through a friendly graphical user interface, within RapidMiner.

Experiment with Decision Tree and Clustering algorithms

Currently, WhiBo offers components for assembling decision tree, and (soon!) representative-based clustering algorithms. Use WhiBo to analyze what components are responsible for good/bad performance. Learn the parts of algorithms without going into too many details.

Automatic search for good components

Relax while an evolutionary algorithm searches through the algorithm-space, in order to find the best performing composition for the given data. Set the evolutionary strategy parameters, follow the performance evolution in detailed logs, and learn which components bring the survival of the fittest algorithm.

Installation and usage

WhiBo plugin is currently developed for RapidMiner 6.
Stay tuned for updates by pressing Join in top right corner.

You can install WhiBo plugin using RapidMiner Marketplace, which is located in Menu bar under Help menu. After opening RapidMiner Marketplace please enter in search box WhiBo and press Search. Once located, please check Select for install/update and press Install x packages. Please read and accept the terms of license and press Install x packages.

If you are interested in using WhiBo package without any background please consult User Guide. However, we highly recommend User Manual where you can find complete tutorial with theoretical description of white box algorithms. If you need help setting up WhiBo RapidMiner process feel free to look at our demo processes on this link and this link.

Finnaly, if you are interested in developing and further extension of WhiBo package you can consult Developer Guide and you can see our GitHub page.

Research findings

From 2008, numerous papers have shown benefits of white box algorithm design.

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Boris Delibašić
Milan Vukićević
Miloš Jovanović
Sandro Radovanović
Saša Mrkela
Nikola Nikolić
Jovan Čukalović
Jelena Stojanović